Tuesday, September 22, 2009

_|_ Blogger. Goodbye.
Say hi to Tumblr :D
Currently trying it out.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

In abt less than 3 weeks, Year 1.2 will begin.
New friends, new class, new block. (maybe same block)
Let's hope they're a bunch of friendly/unfriendly peeps. Would it be difficult/easy to bond with them?
I've no idea. The time will arrive eventually. Let's wait and see.
Have been rotting at home, using laptop, surfing net, Twitter, FB, Plurk and going out with friends during the holidays. I need a job man to earn some money $.$
Or I might hunt for a job to work when sch reopens? Maybe work during the weekends?
But if that's the case, no time for friends & soccer.

Heard that POL-ITE is around the corner. End of next month if not mistaken.
Frankly speaking, I still prefer training with my Riverside team. Our strong bond ~

Okayyy. I want to upload a pic but failed. Tsk, Blogger! *&#$&(*#@$&


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's 090909~!
To Sentosa with 5/1 peeps!
Bought stuff from Vivo's Giant then to Sentosa.
Damn hot sia, the sand.
Went around taking pics using Agatha's camera haha.
How I wish I own a camera myself.
I used to have a dream. To be a photographer lol.
Can be my hobby lah.

After Sentosa, the girls left us for something else.
Guys bought Carl Junior and BK.
Sat somewhere near the sea there.
A lot of couples and a group of HOTguys! ( refering to ourselves LOL! )
Home sweet home ~


Sunday, September 06, 2009

I've no idea why I had weird weird dreams at times.

Was sitting outside 883's Shop N Save.
Saw Afiq smoking with Zul Hemi? (Dunno how to spell) Zul is my pri sch's 'rival' b'cos he was the one always challenging me to win the 1st spot for running. 200m Pri 4. And know what. I won! :x
Speaking of him, I didn't get to contact with him anymore. Though I think he still stay around here or something. Miss primary school's friends and life! So carefree bodoh!

WAIT! Back to the weird dream first. Then got this guy so insane, went on to open the backdoor to enter from there. Obviously, the bus captain asked me to come forward what lol. Then after this, I woke up already.

Primary school's days.
I walked pass my primary school's class/school mates, some of them don't recongise me? Or have my look changed quite a lot? A bit? Browsing through my pri sch's pics. I changed a lot from when I was Pri 5 till 6. Pri 5's look still damn young. Pri 6 then manly? Lol. That's why Teddy told me haha. Teddy! Organise a gathering soon okayyy!

I wanna alter my newly-bought shirt! One of the two only.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

31 August 2009

Went back Riverside Sec to see some teachers. To see as how many teachers asap.
And where's the pics taken with Ms Chen?! Lol. I wanna upload.
Chatted with quite a number of teachers.
We shouted Mr Tsung's name. Jitao he turned and walked away lmao.
To Wdlands Point to play pool.
Going off soon then got one guy poked my back. Haha. Nelson Tan.
He was the one who saw me in Riverside and now also saw me.
Allowed him to play our pool table as we were going off.
It was raining at that time.
Took 912E to interchange. Afiq went home.
Saw LPQ. limPEIqi.
To civic's lib to look for the girls.
Janice and Ah Heng were mugging.
The rest; Jos, Agatha and Joanne were in the TimeZone.
Played the "Hit The Screen"? game. Anyhow throw the balls only lol.
Dined at BK tgt with Faisal, Sean and Mac.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Pics very blur cos my phone's camera very tsk*

Going to The Grassroots soon. Beside NYP only.
To celebrate my bday and Joanne's.
Happy Birthday to Joanne Yu! :D
After that, met up with Sis and her friends. One girl, one guy at YCK MRT station.
Saw Bush and Regina.
And we arrived at the place ... at abt 8.15pm.
Confirm delay. 8.45pm then it started.
12.10am then ended. Luckily, got transport to AMK.
Direct bus to AMK.
Cabbed to Semb then home.
Sis' fren was kind to pay 3/4 of the taxi fare. Thanks! :D

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Joelle BC and Siti Zulaiha, Twin Sister! :DD
And to myself!
Update more ~
Iuma for The Orphan. Pics soon!


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